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Intranet Site

  • Global top navigation
  • Company-wide anniversary & calendar rollups give employees a "pulse" of what's going
  • Bing maps & Google weather
  • Employee Solutions: directory, birthdays, announcements, employee lookup, employee recognition
  • CEO Message area

Department Site

  • Content information web part
  • Ability to show all active subsites
  • Department calendar/announcements (with post to main)
  • Tabbed area for quick access
  • Visualize department goals
  • Side menu/QuickLaunch configuration

Project Site

  • Tree-view web part for document access
  • Track time spent on each task/issue
  • Project plan web part (with MS Project integration)
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Have discussions with team members

Web Parts

  • Tabs
  • Lightbox picture viewer
  • Calendar/announcements rollup
  • Employee spotlight, search, recognition, anniversaries, birthdays
  • Top banner rotator
  • Global top nav
  • ....much more!

Branding Solution

  • Branding app: easy configuration of the top area, banner, web parts, side menus, and the footer
  • Rotating banners: upload any number of banners with your logo or pictures
  • Global top nav bar: works across your sites, site collections, and web apps!

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