Turn Key Intranet in about two weeks


Your personal document inbox in SharePoint!

Can't keep up with scattered documents in SharePoint?


Find it hard to share documents in SharePoint?

Think that SharePoint security is confusing?


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Personal document inbox

All your personal and shared documents in one place.

Share documents in seconds

Upload for personal use or share documents securely through a single interface.

Swiftly add collaborators

Quickly add people you want to share the document with.

Use from anywhere in SharePoint

Whether the document is on your computer or in SharePoint, easily share it.

Send email updates

Send emails to users right from the document.

Works great in MySites

For your SharePoint users who love MySites, give them real document sharing!

Share documents in seconds

With multiple sites and site collections, it's frustrating for users to remember where all their working documents are.

More Information

Why use this ShareWith solution?

Because: It provides an easy way to collaborate on documents just like Google Docs. Simply add the document and users and you are done. Each user will get an email and the shared document will show up in their document inboxes. Just like Google Docs!


Because: If you like Drop Box, you will love our product. ShareWith is a solution made in SharePoint for SharePoint but with the ease of use like Drop Box. Centrally manage all your documents.

Because: ShareWith makes document collaboration simple and effective. Now you can confidently increase document management and document collaboration in SharePoint.


Because: With our timer job in the background that takes care of any discrepancies, your document collaboration experience will be smooth. We hide the complexity of SharePoint.