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<h1>Web Part: Consistent Top Navigation</h1>

Users navigate throughout the intranet in a number of ways. One of the primary ways is via links in the top navigation bar.

Why did we build it?

SharePoint’s default top navigation is limited to a single site collection. Given that most intranets end up having several site collections, the navigation has to be recreated and maintained per site collection and if done inconsistently, end users get very confused.

Our solution provides a simple way to get consistent top navigation across site collections and even web applications. This way, your users can be assured that they will always have the same top navigation no matter where their SharePoint adventure leads them!


1. Works on ALL versions of SharePoint

2. Overcomes the default limitations of site collection boundaries

(our solution crosses site collections & web apps).

3. Two levels including drop downs (you don’t need publishing features turned on)

4. Is embedded in the master page.

5. Allows for multiple site collections and even web apps to share the same top menu, thus

providing consistent, intuitive navigation throughout your intranet.

6. Uses simple list entries to configure the top navigation.