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Web Part: Top Banner Rotator

A top banner is a frequently requested feature by intranet users. It helps in providing important information and announcements to users. In the example below, we have 2 banners that rotate every few seconds.

Here's how the above pictures were set up:

Why did we build it?

SharePoint does not have a built in way of displaying a top banner. Our top banner uses a picture library. It’s simple: whatever you put in the picture library will get displayed on the top banner of that site. If you place more than one image, each of them will be rotated one-by-one based on a configurable time interval. The banner also displays the title and description for that image thus allowing you to further inform intranet users of the content. You can even have the user link to a specific URL when the image is clicked.


1. Uses a picture library.

2. Is specific to every site.

3. Rotates every few seconds (time is configurable).

4. Can have title/description on top of image.

5. Clickable for URL redirection.