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Web Part: Tab Web Parts Using Our Tab Control

The tab control below allows for the grouping of web parts. Tabbing allows for showing more information in a restricted area like a home page of a site.

Actual view of tabs:

Exploded view of tabs:

Why did we build it?

While SharePoint is an awesome platform for collaboration, its navigation is not that intuitive. Nowadays users expect information to be quickly accessible.

SharePoint does not have ways of doing tabbing. Inspired by the Easy Tabs control (a JavaScript-based solution), we developed a web part that allows for the same kind of tabbing to occur. Simply drop our web part into the web part zone that you want tabbed, and then all of the web parts in that zone will automatically be tabbed! It’s so simple and cool, your power users will love it!


1. Allows for multiple web parts to be tabbed within a zone.

2. A tab can be selected when the user hovers his mover over it.