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Web Part: Employee Solutions (Directory, Birthdays,

Anniversaries, Kudos/Spotlight)

Employees feel empowered when they are featured on the company's intranet home page. Below, see our comprehensive employee solution containing a searchable employee directory, an upcoming birthdays section, an anniversaries system, as well as an area to give kudos to (shine the spotlight on) employees who deserve recognition for their hard work.

Why did we build it?

By default, SharePoint allows for a contacts list but not much functionality behind it. That's why we created a whole set of employee-related web parts that can access the contacts list.

We built our employee directory to work with a contacts list that can be linked to Outlook, and then on top of that, we created several web parts to add more functionality. An employee search/lookup box can be placed anywhere on the intranet to search for employees.

Our upcoming Birthdays and Anniversaries web parts are customer favorites because they can be quickly configured to show items for a week or month or year.

The ability to link this list to Microsoft Access allows one to very quickly load it with relevant data from your backend. Because we give you full source code, you can link to a backend system, like PeopleSoft.

The Kudos/Employee Spotlight web part allows for employees to recognize other co-workers for their hard work. If more than one entry is made, each will be automatically rotated.


1. Uses a searchable contact list that can be linked to Outlook.

2. The search web part can be placed on any page.

3. Configurable upcoming birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Rotating Kudos/Employee Spotlight allows employees to be recognized for their hard work.