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Web Part: Column & View Level Security (Extra)

Microsoft took SharePoint's security mechanisms seriously. By default, it is capable of adding group and user permissions to folders and items. We have made some additions though.

On the list settings page, here are the SPI (SharePoint Implemented) additions:

Field-Level Security:

View-Level Security:

Why did we build it?

By default, SharePoint does not have column security for lists and document libraries. Furthermore, SharePoint lists and libraries do not include view security.

Our solution provides both. With SPI column level security for lists and libraries, a user (with access to list settings) can specify individual users or groups who can edit, view, or not access certain columns.

With our view level security, a user can set access for individual users or groups to certain views! For example, you may want to hide the comments field from all submitters of forms, while making that column editable by managers. Or perhaps when the form is created for the first time, the comments field should be hidden (even for managers).

With our view-level security, you can decide who can see which view of a list or library.


1. Column level security: allows for each column in a list/library to be editable, read-only, or hidden based on

a user or group permissions.

2. View level security: allows for views in each list/library to either be shown or hidden based on a user

or group.