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Web Part: Categorizing Sites

Below, see our web part that categorizes sites into projects and departments for example.

Why did we build it?

Once SharePoint is installed, there is a tendency for a lot of sites to spring up fast. There is no simple way of categorizing sites. Much time is wasted by users to know where a certain site is located. In the paid version of SharePoint, there is a Site Map Directory web part, however this does not provide the details that a user really needs to navigate and get to information fast.

Our solution, the Site Rollup web part, categorizes sites based on a site type which is defined for each site that is created. For example, all department sites get tagged with a department tag, while projects get tagged with a project tag, blogs with a blog tag, etc. Thus, even if a site is buried several levels deep, we can easily bubble that information up to the end user showing all their projects, departments, etc. that he or she has access to. This web part also can show additional information that was tagged for that site type, like date created, status of site, budget of a project, site owner, etc. Users of your intranet will love the simplicity with which they can navigate their sites.


1. Allows for users to quickly navigate to their appropriate sites.

2. Enforces SharePoint security.

3. Can be configured to show multiple site types with a lot of additional information.

4. Configurable cross sites, site collections, and web application.