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Web Part: Aggregate Data Using Calendar & Announcement Rollups

Below, see calendar events and announcements that span many parts of the intranet.

Why did we build it?

SharePoint offers no way to rollup (aggregate) information easily. While you can rollup data using the Content Query web part, unfortunately it is restricted to a single site collection. There are other technical restrictions that don’t make it the first choice for rolling up calendars and announcements.

Our solution allows for any of the chosen calendars and announcements to be rolled up. A user, say in the IT department site while adding a calendar entry, can choose whether he or she wants that item to also be displayed in the main company calendar. The main company calendar web part can be configured to rollup data cross site collections and even cross web applications. Additionally, our Ajax implementation helps speed up page load time.


1. Aggregates information cross sites, site collections, and web applications.

2. Allows the user to define which items should be rolled up from each subsite.

3. Allows for faster page load times via an Ajax implementation.