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<h2>Mapping Data From a List Web Part Overview</h2>

A nice feature for any portal is a map upon which 1 or more addresses can be plotted.

Why did we build it?

There is no easy way in SharePoint to map data from a SharePoint list and then display it on a geographical map. With our ListtoMap web part, as long as you either have a coordinate (latitude/longitude) or an address for a location, it will get plotted. You can also have the title, description, and a link set up so that when a person hovers over the flagged location on the map, these details are displayed. This is great for showing locations, project specific data that are geographical in nature, sales, etc.

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1. Maps a SharePoint list on to a Bing map.

2. Can display title, description, and other information when the user hovers his mouse over the plotted location.

3. Can be set up for a link to be displayed when hovered over.

4. Can be configured to work with coordinates (latitude/longitude) or addresses.

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