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<h2>Displaying Pictures from a Library Web Part Overview</h2>

An essential part of collaboration is to be able to exchange pictures. Below, see a picture library with thumbnails. When the user clicks on an image it opens up in animated fashion to its full size.

Why did we build it?

(Click here for large screenshots)

While there is a way to display pictures from a SharePoint picture library, it is cumbersome and the user interface is not inviting. We are all now used to seeing pictures in a format like what’s available on Facebook. Our web part uses the same Light Box technology to display pictures while providing a fun and very intuitive experience for the user.


1. Provides images from a picture list or folder.

2. Uses Light Box to show the previous and next images in a slideshow.

3. Shows pictures in a matrix where the number of rows and columns can be configured.

4. Thumbnail size can be configured.

5. Shows title and description information.

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