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<h2>Branding Overview</h2>
Why did we build it?

If you have used SharePoint before, you have noticed that it’s not easy to brand it. It takes a lot of experience and trial and error to get the branding right. There are many complex implications of changing relevant pieces. With SharePoint 2010, it’s become a little easier but still remains a hard task to accomplish and companies reluctantly settle on basic branding, like changing some font colors and logos.

We wanted to take branding to another level and provide a simple way for even power users to change the look and feel of the intranet. With our branding application, you can select an area to brand and simply fill in the information, click preview, and that’s it! If you publish it, the changes will be propagated throughout the whole intranet. You can also save these branding files so that you can easily restore them (like when a code upgrade occurs).

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Imagine being able to change the background image, decide if you want to show the top banner, or change the entire ribbon color. What about being able to alter the titles, background images, and even add a glow to your centered design? Now you can create a nicely branded intranet within minutes!


1. Easily modify, preview, and publish your branded design.

2. Hover over areas that you want to brand and see them activate.

3. Change the look by adding information.

4. Change the background image.

5. Add a glow.

6. Brand the ribbon and top menus.

7. Choose to show or hide the top banner.

8. Brand web parts to get a consistent look and feel.

9. Save the branding CSS and XML files for later upgrades.

10. Revert to original at any time.

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