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> Our Intranet Home Site template saves you time while providing a nicely branded home page. See it Now

> With our branding application you can change the look and feel in minutes. See it Now(User ="SharePoint\DemoOwner" Pwd="SPI@4321")

> Our Department and Project site templates allow you to easily create all your departments, configure each department and project and have them categorized for easy navigation with rich functionality and a consistent look. See it Now

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Rich Functionality

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> Employee Directory solution.

> Company Calendar and Events automatically aggregates information from Department and Project Sites.

> Upload & Manage documents using familiar explorer view.

> Manage Tasks and Issues for each department enabling true collaboration.

> Much more... Check out product sheet for details.

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Surprisingly Affordable

> One fee for Production, QA and Development environments. Install on as many Web Front End Servers as required at no additional cost.

> Source Code Option available.

> Yearly software assurance includes all latest updates and basic product support.

> Additional consulting services like deployment help, training and custom development available at an affordable hourly price.

> Ask for our limited time $2,000 discount on our reference program.


> Do you offer a hosted solution?

Currently we do not offer a hosted solution.

> I like some widgets, can I purchase them separately?

We are working on selling some of the customer favorite functionality separately, however currently that is not available.

> Can I use IBX if I already have a SharePoint 2010 Intranet running?

It is possible to upgrade your existing 2010 solution; however some planning would be involved. If you are interested, please contact us to see if it this makes sense for your company.

> We currently have SharePoint 2007, can we upgrade to 2010 using IBX?

Yes, although we do recommend taking this time to re-architect your old solution so that you get even more benefit with SharePoint 2010. Contact us for more details.

More Information

Why use our solution?

Have you been looking around for SharePoint intranet examples? Here's why you might consider us:

Because: We believe we have one of the best SharePoint intranet software packages around and it's modestly priced.


Because: With all of the intranet templates that we have and given that they work on SharePoint 2010 Foundation and Enterprise, it truly is something worth trying.


Because: Intranets in general are not easy to implement but our SharePoint services include designing/architecting, deployment/installing, and training is also included.

Because: This SharePoint 2010 portal is ready to use in about 2 weeks. Intranet in a Box includes custom SharePoint site templates including a SharePoint intranet template, SharePoint department template, SharePoint project management template, and more.


Because: Our product works on SharePoint 2010 Foundation, Server, and Enterprise. Yes, Intranet in a Box runs on the FREE version of SharePoint 2010.


Because: We also offer our new SharePoint forms and business process templates.

If you like the technical content and value-added features of our SharePoint Portal 2010, consider dropping us a message and we can schedule a demo over the internet. Or if you’d like an in-person meeting, we have sales & technical agents in Louisiana (New Orleans) as well as in Florida (Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area).


Thanks for considering our product SharePoint in a Box. Thanks for considering doing business with us at SharePoint Implemented.


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