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  • Your VM will exist in the cloud.
  • We've hosted it at
  • They provide: "...The only cloud-based dev/test solution for SharePoint. Spin up yours in 5 minutes..."
  • Registration is required by CloudShare (2 day free trial, no credit card needed at signup).

  • Add/Edit content
  • Configure web parts
  • Add new sites
  • Member of the Intranet Owners Group
  • Login username: SharePoint\DemoOwner
  • Login password: SPI@4321

Cool Videos "IBX"

Global Top Nav

Did you know that SharePoints Top navigation is limited to a site collection. Break this limitation to get a seamless user experience.

Project Site Template

Manage projects, track time and more all in a consistent interface.

Department Site Template

Get a consistent and seamless user inetrface across all departments. Share external and internal information in an intuitive manner.

Calendar Rollup

Easily aggregate important calendar events into a consolidate company calendar.

Tab Web Part

Use the tab web part to maximize space on any page.

Branding in Minutes

If you have any experience with SharePoint you'll know that branding is not an easy task, now brand your Intranet in minutes.


See why IBX is an amazing investment if you are considering an Intranet in SharePoint

Top Banner Rotator

Easily change or even hide the top banner for any site.

Facebook Style Picture Viewer

Show thumbnails from any folder and show them using lightbox technology .