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How can IBX benefit you, your staff, and your company? Watch this video.

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Site Templates

Departments Template

Centralize, collaborate, share. That's the name of the game in departments. See how we accomplish that in IBX for SharePoint 2013.

Intranet Template

What more do you want on your company home page than a place to make company announcments, display calendar events, and show employee-related widgets?

Projects Template

Projects are the base of your company's profits -- why not get your employees more efficient? SharePoint 2013 is great for this and IBX adds a lot of much-needed functionality!

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

User Experience

Global Top Navigation

Your admins will love this...finally, a top navigation solution that keeps the menu data in synch automatically across all web apps, site collections, and sites.

Top Banner Rotator Web Part

Why is it so hard to get a rotating banner in SharePoint? Fear no more, we have it!

Tabs Web Part

Reduce clutter on your page by grouping web parts into 1 compact area.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

Customer Favorites

Anniversaries & Birthdays

As a morale booster, show the whole company when your staff is having birthdays and anniversaries (from hire date) coming up.

Calendar/News Rollup

With a click of a button, post calendar events and announcements from your department and project pages to the main intranet home page.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.

2013 Video coming soon....check out 2010 video here.


Assume you are an owner of a profitable business. It can be any particular field in which you are successful. It involves a lot of commitment, time, hard work and dedication to your work. Even if you are sure about all these parameters, there is no guarantee for success. Nowadays people do everything in haste, so there is bright chance for mistakes. But if you want to run a profitable business, then you have to avoid any mistake. Assume all boring steps you have to follow to avoid these mistakes. If you are already considering it as hard experience then, frankly, it is indeed.

But nowadays the whole scenario is changed. Thanks to Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 Portal these problems are assured to be obsolete. With the help of this tool you can create something particularly for your own business site! No, it is developed for your business promotion, but to improve it. It is and internal site for you and your employees to share content. It can save you a lot of time. In just matter of few seconds information is shared with everyone and everybody knows what to do. It enables team members to work together at the same time, make necessary announcements, develop and share tasks or have group discussions about what they are presently working on. Apart from having all your problems solved, with a minor aid from developers it also allows you to customize itself to make yourself comfortable.

Primarily there are three categories of users that use and distinctive permissions on SharePoint. If you have a reader, a contributor and the owner, there is minor distinction between them. A reader is one who just reads the available information. A contributor is the one who can give and develop the user’s contents. And the owner is the one having complete access to all features of the tool, and in addition can modify it appearance.

He can modify almost every feature of the site, that is, beginning with the user interface, to the appearance themes and types, to adjusting logos or other recognition symbols on the pages, to make the content look good. Another feature of SharePoint known as SharePoint 2013 Branding is also there. The goal of SharePoint 2013 Branding tools is enable you to unleash your creativity in your SharePoint 2010. You can modify nearly everything, but before beginning you must devise a concept thoroughly. You will surely want make a good impression of your SharePoint 2010. SharePoint 2013 Branding has become immensely famous. Obviously everybody wants have an impressive site, but it is not an easy task. Some people lack out-of-the box thinking, others don’t have sufficient time. But the option of hiring a designer is also there. These SharePoint 2013 Branding tools can be acquired individually, and it would be better if you have the necessary experience and sufficient time to design your own SharePoint 2010 Portal.

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