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SharePoint Branding has always been a giant venture. Latest features of SharePoint 2013 reduce the specific information necessary for design and SharePoint Branding site. For SharePoint Branding site, designers may develop a site design as they would be using HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript. Various soft wares like Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web or another HTML editors may also be used. Instead of using just SharePoint Designer or Visual Studio 2013 designers for SharePoint Branding, now have the ability to use tools or software of their choice.

If you have been working with SharePoint for a while now, then you might have realized that SharePoint has been enhanced effectively over these past years. You might want to recall that time when you were working with Microsoft FrontPage 2003 as a SharePoint Branding Tool. No doubt this tool was developed for the task but there was lack of ease of use and moreover it was hard to brand numerous sites. With the advent of WSS 3.0 and Microsoft Office SharePoint server 2007, SharePoint was wholly renovated on top of .NET 2.0 Framework, thereby approving SharePoint to make use of .NET features like master pages and page layouts. We are also provided with a SharePoint site development and SharePoint Branding Tool, SharePoint Designer 2007, a tool more centralized with SharePoint. Themes and composed looks are the preferred SharePoint Branding Tool for collaboration sites such as team sites, but do not provide the customization tools often required for more sophisticated SharePoint 2013 sites.

As per now, it is not mandatory to use SharePoint Designer anymore, it is beneficial to have some information regarding the branding experience implementing a commonly used software, Adobe Dreamweaver (CS6 preferred). It is so because this software is famous with web developers and designers. SharePoint Branding exercise can be executed on a MacBook Pro, as we all are aware of the fact that many designers make use of this platform in addition with the Adobe Creative Suite, and to display that process of SharePoint 2013 Branding is now independent of various Microsoft tools. With the latest process for SharePoint 2013 Branding comes latest features that help to execute this activity. One of those latest features is Design Manager. It is a part of the of the enhanced Publishing feature available on publishing sites by default and also on additional sites such as team sites by using Publishing feature.

Currently Adobe Dreamweaver is a part of Adobe’s Creative Suite, and has been recently added as a important tool for SharePoint 2013 Branding sites additionally including Design Manager and general connectivity with WebDAV has also been added with SharePoint 2013.

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