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Fast Deployment

  • Intuitive Installer App
  • Templates ready upon installation (Intranet Home, Department, Project, etc.)

Point & Click Branding

  • Many Layouts
  • Change color schemes
  • Branding (client specific)

Critical for Intranets

  • Global Top Nav -- consistent!
  • "Clean" site access -- no more sprawl
  • Corporate directory
  • Aggregation/rollup web parts
  • Web & manual form support
  • Many custom Web Parts provided

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2013


Intranet Site

Finally, a home for all your company happenings!

Department Site

Department files/documents in one place.

Project Site

Managing projects taken to the next level.

Forms Center

Eliminate guess work -- all company forms in 1 location.

Dashboard Template

Data extracted and displayed real-time.

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2013


Company Calendar Rollup

Post events from any calendar on the intranet to here.

Company Announcement Rollup

Post announcements from anywhere to the home site.

Generic Rollup

Aggregate any content type to the home site.

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2013


Global Top Navigation

Top nav automatically synchs across the whole intranet.

Banner Rotator

Get page-appeal with rotating banners.

Tabs Web Part

Put many web parts on top of each other.

Site Categorization

Different site types can be organized and searched.

Site Configuration

Expose any element you'd lke on the site.

Custom Master Page

Master page with style.

SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2013


Employee Directory

Shows important employee information.

Site Activities

What's happening across the intranet.

Featured Story

Images and text can rotate to tell a story.

Links with Images

Not just links...links with little icons!

List to Map

Google mapping of your locations.

Facebook Style Images

Grid of thumbnails. Click to animate to a larger view.

Employee Recognition

Showcase your employees' hard work.

CEO Message

Text and image of CEO/manager's message.


Weather forecasts.

Tree View

Show files and documents just like windows explorer.

News Feed

Announcements slide by in a ticker format.

Project & Department Contact Info

Identify the manager of the dept/project.

Random Tip of the Day

Messages shown to users -- fun or helpful.

Visual Goals

Chart-like visualization of dept/project goals.


It does not matter whether you have just begun using SharePoint, or you are using it already, you will always find some surprising facts about this amazing software. You may know the fact that SharePoint has helped many companies to get rid of their problem in information flow. It was impressive from the very beginning and was beneficial to the right kind of customers, customers that know how to use it. To summarize, SharePoint enables a huge number of people to use the information related to work simultaneously. No matter how advanced this software may be, still some work is left for you to do. You must check whether it will prove beneficial for your business. In addition to it, after you buy it must read the user manual to make yourself aware of its wonderful features.

Primarily, if you are incorporation this software in your business organization, you must deal with coaching your workers how to use it efficiently, to prevent unwanted disorientation in the future. People are liking SharePoint Intranet Sites increasingly due to their capability to share files efficiently. Now let us consider the new exciting features of SharePoint 2010! The features discussed ahead are be beneficial to you to have a basic understanding about this software. The latest ones offer you much more than these. In addition to the standard interface, SharePoint 2010 comprises of data connection library, document ID service, rapid search for SharePoint primary job supplies, the three – state workflow, metadata navigation and refining and a lot more.

There are a lot of SharePoint intranet examples online, moreover one can find an entire ranking list devoted to grading of different SharePoint Intranet Sites. It includes a lot of wonderful features. It can efficiently reduce your time spent for an affordable price. The slightly complex interface is very user friendly and once you get comfortable with you’ll find very useful. You can online positive feedback of SharePoint users to assure yourself. You will be able to manage very easily and it’ll be all you will probably require for business, for you or for your employees.

It is a long term remedy for all complex management issues. You must at least start using SharePoint Intranet Sites. It can prove really beneficial. Consider about it, having bulk of your hurdles remove, you could concentrate on other things and accomplish a lot more. You just require to start using one of the very customizable template and start experiencing the positive change.

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