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IBX Product Sheet >

Contains all the information you need about IBX, its features, addtional services we offer as well as FAQs.

All In One Guide >

A comprehensive step by step guide helping you with everything from installation to customization of your Intranet. This guide comes along with our free 2 month trial version of IBX.

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All of our 40 web parts in one concise document.


Nowadays many companies are using SharePoint Intranets as a benchmark. But the question remains intact whether your latest intranet is working in interest of your organization or not? Many of the employees remain using it for mere fundamental activities like looking organization’s directory, information about payroll and searching the joint calendar. Using SharePoint itself with various associated SharePoint Intranet Templates to develop amazing SharePoint Intranets that will convey company’s value by enhancing employee interaction, creating information search more effective and appropriate, and serve as extending your organization culture, you can get the power to change a fairly beneficial tool into dependable and trustworthy asset.

The primary way of enhancing or creating fool proof SharePoint Intranets – developing an effective user experience. Blending users and processes with enhanced communication and flow of information, meanwhile providing a steady user beneficial experience, platforms can be created that support enhanced employee usability, preserving operational costs at the end.

Integration access of organization’s information and applications on a joint network can be achieved with SharePoint Intranet or intranet portal. It is a platform that aids an organization to organize its data, applications and facts and news with ease. It is claimed by Microsoft SharePoint Office 365 that this platform with its wide variety of SharePoint Intranet Templates provides company-wide benefits such as enhanced employee interaction, integrating process management, cutting down new staff on-boarding expenses, and supplying the ways to attain and share implicit information.

SharePoint Intranet is beneficial in supplying intranet portals, document & file management, collaboration, websites, extranets, organization search, social networks, and business intelligence. It provides system centralization, process centralization, and workflow automation facilities. SharePoint is a massive website building engine. A SharePoint Intranet site is a group of pages, site SharePoint Intranet Templates, lists, and libraries set up in order to attain the certain goal. A site may include sub-sites, and those sub-sites may include additional sub-sites. Examples of Site SharePoint Intranet Templates in SharePoint comprise of: team sites, blogs, documents, and meetings.

Microsoft SharePoint or SharePoint Office 365can be turned into a portal for company-wide interaction, information exchange, document access, and access to colleague services using SharePoint Intranet Portal. This tool focusses the obstacles of changing SharePoint into a complete whole, easy to operate SharePoint Office 365 or SharePoint Intranet Portal so your colleagues can address content in spite of spending millions of dollars on consulting assistance to create a portal from dump. This tool can be correlated with SharePoint Intranet Portal template including additional functionalities of a tool. SharePoint Intranet Portal is a wonderful site, it grants access to Company’s information such as current announcements, organization news feed, current social networking stuff, management’s message, forum and a blog.

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