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SharePoint 2010 Intranet Template

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So, I'm the SharePoint admin in this company and it's 9 AM right now. I just got to work and I really love showing everyone how I spend the first 2 minutes of every morning. The Intranet home page, which is the screen I'm on now, is the dashboard for the whole company. There's some very cool stuff happening this month. Like, see here, a few employee Anniversaries and Birthdays are coming up. A couple of interesting company events are approaching. And this is cool… I just noticed that a 3rd flagged location is appearing on the map. That means a new store just opened up... awesome! And here's a great employee morale booster... Michelle has been spotlighted for her great work. I'm going to check out this announcement about quarterly profits during lunch. Speaking of lunch, I think I'll go out today since the weather forecast is pleasant. That reminds me, I need to click this link on the QuickLaunch panel to get info on the upcoming Easter holiday schedule. You know what, with so much stuff going, I really feel like I've gotten a good pulse of the company now. Well, that's it for the fun stuff, now time to move on to my tasks for the day.

Now, here is what my manager emailed to do today... new employee, Global Top Nav bar entry, Sales Depatment event should be company-wide, and new rotating banner. No problem. Alright, I'm going to zoom through this super fast now. Ok.

For the new employee, I execute a search.

Here's the result that I need.

I grab the relevant data.

I'll fill that data into this User Information list. This will get picked up the Employee Search web part, Anniversaries web part, and Birthdays web part.

To create the Finance Department link on the Global Top Nav bar, all I have to do is create a new item in this list. It'll be automatically reflected in all sites, site collections, and web apps. Very easy.

Ok, for this Sales Department calendar event to get aggregated into the main Calendar, all I have to do is check this PostToMain checkbox. The exact same procedure applies to Announcenments.

Adding a new banner is easy. I'll indicate the image path, hit save and it should start rotating with the existing one automatically. I can change the rotation speed, but I'll keep the default of 3 seconds for now.

And here we are, back on the home page. I can see my changes at a glance. And check it out, the banner is rotating. By the way, don't you love the branding on the page? Adding colors and a logo is surprisingly difficult in default SharePoint but easy in this product and I guess that's the whole point. With the right building blocks, getting things done fast, becomes the norm. You know, my mom tells me that I've liked building blocks since I was a kid. Maybe that's why I smile every time I use SharePoint now.

Thanks for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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SharePoint 2010 Departments Template

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Hi, this is me. I'm Keith and I'm the manager of the HR department and this is my department's home page. And this is Lindsay. She's a recruiter who works for me. We're a small department but we're growing pretty fast. We have 2 job fairs to go to in the next few days and we're planning on hiring a few talented people to make our department grow. In fact, we just hired a guy yesterday. His name is Andrew and here's his resume. It's pretty convenient to keep files centralized like this. This way my associate Lindsay and I can stay in synch much much better. For this job fair coming up, I have a few things to put in place. First, I'm going to announce to the whole company that Lindsay and I will both be out of the office. I'll just go up here to the Announcements box and click this plus sign to create a new item.

I just fill in the message here and I click on the PostToMain checkbox. PostToMain means that I not only want the entry to show up on the department's Announcements box but also I want it on the main company Intranet home page Announcements box.

Here's the entry on my department's page.

And here it is on the main company Intranet home page. Very nice! Now let me go back to the department page again.

You know what, our department page has a lot of cool things on it, like a place to put Documents in a security restricted area, an open Issues list just to make sure nothing falls through the cracks, a more formal Task list so I keep up do date on things daily, and a place to store Discussions and Emails. There's even a thing up here to visualize our major department goals in a chart-like fashion. I've even got 2 areas for links. Over here is a side menu that'll show up on every page in this department site and this set of links over here which will only show up on this page. Adding any item to any of these little widgets is super simple. I just click on these green plus signs. But there are other options. Like for this Discussions and Emails list, I could connect it to my Outlook.

Here's my Outlook inbox and I just drag and drop the email items I want to copy into here. This is mapped directly into this the SharePoint Discussions + Emails list. What a great feature this is for archiving emails that are relevant for the whole team in the future.

So there's a million cool things that I can show you like the Global Top Nav bar. Not only do we in the HR Department have our own SharePoint presence, but so does the Product Development Department. And I hear the Sales Department is working on their site. That's all I have time for right now, but I hope you got a little taste of how our department works smoother now that we have a centralized platform for communication and files and task management. Anyway, I got to back to preparing for the job fair now Lindsay's waiting for me.

Thanks for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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SharePoint 2010 Projects Template

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I'm the IT manager and I have a meeting in less than 10 minutes from now with the Vice President. He expects an update on the Website Redesign Project and I have no clue. I'm really nervous right now. Ok, so here's the project page... Announcements… First Mockups Complete… good. Project Milestones... let me click the read more button here.

Ok, the VP will love this information. Let me write it down. We have 6 stages in the project. We're currently at 100% done for stage 1, then 57%, 21%, and nothing done with the last 3 stages. Fine. Let me go back to the project page again.

Ok, let me determine time and budget now. We've spent $6,300 out of the estimated $36,000. We've put in 70 out of the estimated 400 hours. I see the first 2 stages are green except this 1 red item. Let me open it.

It says "Have not received the graphics design software yet from supplier." Ok, so that's why it's red. No big deal, at least I know what's going on. I'll email them later. Ok, what should I check next?

Let me check out the Discussions section. Oh man, the programmers are trying to set the color scheme for the Website Redesign Project. That sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Let me reply to this message post before they start work.

Ok, I'll be nice about this. "Guys, thanks for the discussion. You guys are great programmers but Suzy is the graphics designer. Please let her make these kinds of choices. I am uploading her samples to the shared documents folder."

Now let me drag and drop Suzy's documents to the Shared folder. Pretty cool interface, huh?

Ok, that should take care of that. Wow, I'm so glad I noticed that. Knowing those guys, the website would end up with strange techno club colors. I'm not kidding. Alright, what's next? Discussions... done. Issues... those are fine. Team Members.... I already know that. Project Risks... and those are fine. And last thing before my meeting, back to the Project Plan. I just thought of something.

The Project Plan in SharePoint can be easily connected to my local copy of Microsoft Project. See here it says that it's sharing this document with SharePoint. And if I make any changes and then hit this Save button, it all gets uploaded to SharePoint. Anyway, the reason I opened up Microsoft Project in the first place is that I wanted to put a note in that item about the missing software.

I'll just type in, "Waiting for supplier on the software. For now, download a 30-day trial version and then we'll activate it later with the activation code." Ok good, now there won't be any delays on that.

Ok, cool. Now I have a handle on everything. See, I was worried for nothing.

Thanks for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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