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Why SharePoint IBX....Is right for your SharePoint intranet implementation

Hi, my name is Haiyan Khan. I'm the founder of SharePoint Implemented and today I want to tell you about our IBX and why we think this is the product for choice if you're thinking of implementing a SharePoint Intranet. An intranet journey can be a challenging one. It’s one thing to implement default SharePoint, it’s quite another thing to have a successful of intranet deployment. Our product makes this process simple.

There are several challenges a company can face while implementing an intranet. The company typically lacks SharePoint expertise, has limited funding, overburdened resources and wants a quick deployment. Once they get started the realize that SharePoint doesn’t really offer a startup Intranet site. Its branding typically needs customization. SharePoint has a very open architecture and thus confusing the initial deployment. There is no really out of the box training for end users or power users and sharepoint locks a lot of common wizards and widgets for an intranet. Once you really start to get into the details of SharePoint, you start to find out other things that can make the project really costly and sometimes a failure. IBX takes care of everything. It’s a solution. It is the turn-key solution that lets you get a fully deployed intranet in about two weeks with 20 hours of consulting including training, all of this at an affordable price.

We feel there are many reasons to have SharePoint Implemented's IBX as your product of choice for implementing SharePoint Intranet. Site templates include Global Top Navigation across site collections and across web applications, rollups of Announcements and Calendars across site collections and across web applications, an Employee Directory solution, reminder for Upcoming Anniversaries and Birthdays, random Tip Of The Day, Weather, CEO Message and rotatable Top Banner. We have several other templates like departments and projects that give you even more information and other widgets that really increase collaboration like integration with MS Project, ways to track hours and tasks for a project, visualize goals and have custom left navigations. We also accommodate complex layouts. We include 20 hours of consulting and training. We have several web parts that we found are the most requested ones in a basic intranet.

We have a simple three step process. We first architect and build using our automated generation of SharePoint Intranet and we brand and configure and retrain so that you can start using the intranet. All of this at an affordable price and the best thing is that you get source code delivered with this for unlimited company use. Yes, the source code goes with you. It's just like having a custom software company developing this for you. Our software runs on Foundation which is a free version of SharePoint or on the paid version of SharePoint, so you don’t need to necessarily have that expensive licensing if you didn’t want to commit to that.

So find out if the IBX is right for you. Call us and we'll show you and walk you through a demo or access our demo live at http://sharepointimplemented.com.

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Managing Company Policies in SharePoint 2010

With SharePoint you can actually manage Policies and Procedure documents of your company through content approval process that is built into SharePoint Foundation server and Enterprise. So lets see how we can do that in the framework of the SharePoint Implemented's Intranet product.

So here I am logged in as Administrator and what I am going to do is, I am going to go to Engineering department site and upload a policy in Engineering and then I am going to go ahead and approve it and that will be visible to all end users and we will see that whole process. I am going to go under Departments and this lists all the different departments and of course I am going to Engineering. This is the Engineering department home page and what I am going to do at this point is I am going to act as if I am the contributor. I am contributing to this document and also going to be the approver for this document. So we are going to develop a new policy or procedure. So I am going to just upload this. Of course it could be in the system already and we would be revising that policy but here I am just going to go ahead and browse it, and grab just a sample document and upload that. Now what’s happening behind the scenes is we have created a content type called Policy and Procedure and this is being saved as that content type. That allows us to have additional fields like approver, reviewers, when it expires and so on and you can also develop a quick workflow from there to remind you when things that are expiring.

So at this point it’s got pending status. That means it’s waiting for approval. And what I am going to do is, I am going to open a window here and in this window I am logged in as an anonymous user, so you can see that because there is that sign in button and if I actually go to the I would like to page where we have it set up so you can search Policies and Procedures. You’ll see that policy isn’t there yet. So if I go down here; remember I named it the Engineering Policy there is only 4 policies and it isn’t there. If I am going on read more button I won’t see anything because there are just 4 and it is showing all of those four.

So at this point what I am going to do is, I am going to go back and you see that right here. I am going to go ahead and go back to my Administrator screen and approve this. In order to approve this it's really simple, you just check the policy in question and view its properties and right up on the ribbon you’ll see several different options and one of them will be Approve/Reject. And this will take me to the Approve/Reject page and you can see that it’s pending right now and it’s not going to be visible to users that don’t have Approve access. So I am going to go and approve this and I can put some comments. You see it’s also versioning this document automatically. So at this it’s been approved and that’s version 1 and now it should be visible to everyone else.

So let’s go and see here and refresh here. First of all, this count should go to 5. We are only displaying 4 at a time here so you won’t necessarily see it here, we will be able to search for it. So you see that count updated to 5 and if I just search the word engine, for example, it’s going to search through all titles of all of these different things including Policies and Procedures return to us anything that matches that name. And there is the Engineering Policy and of course we can click on it and it brings us to view form and then we can click on the actual policy and get in the document.

So that’s how easy it is and this system is built into SharePoint Implemented's Intranet structure and what this allows you to do is each and every department can actually start to build up policies at the department level where they are doing the actual work, when they are ready it automatically rolls up all that information and for the end user the experience is very simple. They just come here or any other page where this web part is and they will search for Policies and Procedures and they don’t have to worry about whether it’s a policy that was developed in Finance or IT or HR or Engineering. They see all the policies in a very simple fashion.

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SharePoint 2010 Calendar Rollup Web Part

Thanks for checking out this video about SharePoint Implemented's Calendar Rollup web part. Let's jump right in.

So I'm a sales guy, and I spend most of my time right here on the Intranet's Sales Department site. I need to let people in my company know about my talk that I'm delivering tomorrow about the 3rd quarter sales projections. First I have to add the calendar entry.

And of course I fill out the date, time and all of that typical calendar stuff. But now I want to make sure that it appears on not only the Sales Department's Calendar, but also on the main company Intranet home page Calendar. That's what this PostToMain checkbox does.

And here's on the new entry on the Sales Department Calendar.

And did it make it to the main company Intranet home page? Awesome, it's there. You know, the guy in IT was explaining to me that this is a ROLLUP web part, meaning that it can be configured to scan any part of the intranet that he chose to set it up as. Let me show you what I mean.

Right now, it's currently set to scan the whole web app. But it could have just as easily been set to scan specific site collections or sites. I can see that could come in handy if the Sales Department wanted to share their Calendar with only the Marketing Department and not the whole company. But anyway, I think I'm all set now. I better get my talk ready for my tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Thank you for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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SharePoint 2010 Tabs Web Part

Thanks for checking out this video about SharePoint Implemented's Tabs Web Part. Let's examine it in more detail.

I love the departments template, but there's just too many web parts on the page occupying so much real estate. There's like 10 web parts on the whole page. I mean I guess I can live with it, but there's gotta be a solution. I do remember the SharePoint guy told me there's something called the Tab web part to reduce clutter. He said it'll group all the parts I want into 1 compact box. Let me see if I can figure out how to add it to the page.

Where is that thing....uhhhh...oh here it is, the SPI_Tabs web part. That's it. Let me add it.

Did that work? Oh yes it did, that's cool. The clutter's gone. And it works on mouse hover over the tabs to expose the web part. Very slick. I'll have to give the SharePoint guy a big hug when I see him next time. I love that guy.

Thanks for tuning in. Check out www.sharepointimplemented.com for more details. Goodbye.

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