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Best Intranet. Period

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Easy to brand

  • Multiple Intranet Layouts
  • Point & Click Branding App
  • Client Specific Branding

Deploys in minutes

  • 5 minute Installer App
  • Intranet Home Site
  • Dept & Project Sites

Critical Intranet features

  • Consistent Top Nav
  • Organized Site Access
  • Corporate Directory
  • Data Aggregation Web Parts
  • Manage Paper & Online Forms
  • A Selection of Custom Web Parts

SharePoint 2010


Intranet Site

Facilitate company-wide communication

Department Site

Centralize department files

Project Site

Project management like the pros

Forms Center

Put all paper forms online in 1 place

Dashboard Template

Real time data at a glance

SharePoint 2010


Company Calendar Rollup

Aggregate flagged events across the entire intranet

Company Announcement Rollup

Aggregate flagged messages

Generic Rollup

Roll up any data/content types (tasks, docs, etc.)

SharePoint 2010


Global Top Navigation

Every nav bar across the intranet stays in synch

Banner Rotator

Add as many banners as you want

Tabs Web Part

Save space on page by overlapping many web parts

Site Categorization

Identify/tag/filter sites projects, departments, etc.

Site Configuration

Show/hide top banner/side menu & add site metadata

Custom Master Page

Highly branded master pages with great visual appeal.

SharePoint 2010


Employee Directory

Employee phone, title, dept, photo, etc.

Site Activities

Quick glance of what people are doing all over

Featured Story

Rotating text and images from a list

Links with Images

Show links with images and formatted text

List to Map

Map/flag addresses on a Google map

Facebook Style Images

Clickable thumbnail images in a grid

Employee Recognition

Highlight employee achievements

CEO Message

Show messages from management (with picture)


Current/forecasted weather from any city in the world

Tree View

Hierarchical view of files/documents

News Feed

Watch news data scroll just like a stock ticker

Project & Department Contact Info

Identify sites prominently

Random Tip of the Day

Show useful or fun messages to employees

Visual Goals

Show goals from a list in a bar chart format


SharePoint Custom Workflow manages a human-centric or a computer-centric process. For instance, you might have an activity which comprises four employees acting partially in parallel and partially in sequence. If these four people employees are altogether in one single room and attain the activity in a single sitting, then deploying SharePoint Custom Workflow to coordinate their activities wouldn’t make any difference. If all the employees are distributed in various offices or cells or the activity occurs in a while, in that case a SharePoint Custom Workflow can be used to coordinate as it keeps the activity on track and run smoothly.

This activity or process might communicate with other computer system. For instance, you could have a process which requires to pull customer information from a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The CRM information could then require to be used by numerous people as the process moves on. SharePoint Custom Workflow can handle this kind of process quite efficiently. The reason behind the adaptability of SharePoint Custom Workflow is that it is developed on Windows Workflow Foundation portion of the Microsoft .NET platform.

To add on the Web Parts that come with SharePoint, you are privileged to add Web Parts of your own to the Web Part Gallery. There are a various third-party developers who have SharePoint developers of their own who create Web Parts which can be purchased online. Moreover Web parts can also be created by in-house SharePoint developers. Web Parts require to be controlled efficiently before they’re added to your

SharePoint Intranet Sites. The Best SharePoint developers are those who understand SharePoint efficiently. The amazing feature of SharePoint Development is that you are not required to write a programming code to create SharePoint business solutions. If you are able to work with a web browser to create a web presence in a site for example Facebook or LinkedIn, then you can create and manage your own SharePoint Intranet Sites. These days you can find SharePoint developers who might have never attended a single computer class. The reason for this that SharePoint Intranet Sites are not any of those TechNet sites. It is really easy to develop SharePoint Intranet Sites and resolve real-world business obstacles without even writing programming code.

The care and nourishment of your best SharePoint Intranet is Web operations Management. You might find it easy to think about best SharePoint Intranet like projects with pre-described steps to follow. But in contrast they are more organic than they appear. It requires a lot of care and maintenance and you might want to re think about designating someone efficient and experienced to care of your site to maintain it best SharePoint Intranet site.

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