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All of our 40 web parts in one concise document.


The term Branding SharePoint refers to the way a SharePoint site looks and behaves to users. Branding SharePoint comprises of things such as colours, logos, images, fonts and layout of the various components on a site. The term Branding SharePoint is not specific to SharePoint and refers to the method in which something look like. In fact this term is taken from the marketing industry in which a company brand its product. Coca-Cola has a very strong brand. Similarly in world of software, Branding SharePoint refers to the look and feel of a software or a website.

Whenever a discussion of SharePoint Online Branding happens, you must take note to raise a major question. Are you able to acquire what you require with intensely creative appearance, or do you require a wholly customized look? If you require a wholly customized composed appearance, then brace yourself to introduce web designers and developers to your work. Depending on your requirements, a customized appearance may force huge investment and comprises of customized master pages, CSS files and themes. Various people are well organized not merely in areas such as SharePoint Online Branding but additionally can assist with a plan to share governance decisions publically and grant company-wide transformation management to back up these decisions. Microsoft also provides SharePoint Online Branding as a bunch of various products. The branding for the bunch of products is widely known as Office 365.

A wiki page widely named as a content page, is the Swiss Army Knife of pages and permits for simple development and SharePoint customization using a good quality text editor developed exactly into the browser. A wiki page allows simple development and in highly powerful and instinctive SharePoint Document Collaboration, data capture and documentation also. The form Settings option is accessible only via list apps. If InfoPath forms 2010 are there on your device, then you can easily select to permit SharePoint customization of the list form using InfoPath forms 2010 by opting the Customize the latest form using Microsoft InfoPath Radio Button.

SharePoint is a product with a wide variety of features, even in SharePoint Foundation. Find out how SharePoint works without any of that SharePoint customization when you are finalizing how to reach towards a solution, and then finalize if you need to customize your specific requirements. Officially, Microsoft presents SharePoint 2013 as a “business SharePoint Document Collaboration platform for the organization and web.” You can deploy SharePoint Document Collaboration sites for various activities, like organizing projects or coordinating a request for proposal. Web pages and Web Parts enable you to arrange and represent information in a SharePoint Document Collaboration site.

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