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					fx: 'none', 										
					cleartypeNoBg: 'false', 
					pause: 'true', 
					timeout: 0, 
					slideResize: 0,
					containerResize: 0,
					fit: true,			
					onPrevNextEvent: function(isNext, zeroBasedSlideIndex, slideElement)  {
					before: function (curr, next, opts) { 
						var zeroBasedSlideIndex = Number(opts.nextSlide);
						$(this).animate({opacity: 0},0) 
$(this).animate({opacity: 1},{queue: false, duration: 500, easing: "easeInOutBack"}) 

					after: function onAfter(curr, next, opts) {
                    	 var zeroBasedSlideIndex = Number(opts.nextSlide);
					speedIn: 0,
					speedOut: 1
					} ); 

Custom Development.

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We develop commerical SharePoint software for a living. We know code!

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Why choose SharePoint developers as your SharePoint consultants:

Because: We offer many services including SharePoint development. We do SharePoint Web Parts, SharePoint online branding, SharePoint document management (like a SharePoint), SharePoint templates (including intranet template, department template, and SharePoint 2010 project management template free). Come to our site and check out our intranet examples and other intranet software and see for yourself!


Because: What is SharePoint? It's a broad set of collaboration/community tools. You can go with our IBX solution as is (it's a turnkey solution), but if you need something we don't offer, that's when you can take a look at our SharePoint consultants...our guys are high-level and produce quality output on time and in budget. Come and experience our SharePoint solutions.


Because: We've really got everything you need to be successful in your SharePoint implementation. If you'd like to experience SharePoint document collaboration, we've got you covered. If you need your SharePoint software solution on SharePoint Foundation, SharePoint Standard, or SharePoint Enterprise (2010 or 2013), we've got you covered. For Branding SharePoint, we've really got you covered (our customers love it). Our SharePoint solutions are second to none. And we even provide SharePoint training with our exclusive SharePoint tutorials.

Because: If you're new to SharePoint or are wondering if SharePoint is the right choice for your intranet needs, call us and we'll show you some intranet examples. We'll show you our SharePoint templates, SharePoint document collaboration solutions, SharePoint online branding, SharePoint Web Parts, and our SharePoint 2010 project management templates free. Intranets in general are definitely something you want to spend time researching. Don't ever make a quick decision about it...definitely look at what your organization really needs. If we don't have what you need, then ask about our SharePoint services and our SharePoint consultants. Our SharePoint developers, SharePoint admins, and SharePoint Project managers are the really amazing.


Because: What is SharePoint? It's intranet software accelerated! You can run your system on SharePoint Foundation which is the free version. You can do everything on it from SharePoint document management to sending announcements to your employees. Our SharePoint services include training where we give you SharePoint tutorials. Between intranet template and other SharePoint software that we offer, you'll be thrilled you chose it. From our ShareWith solution (like SharePoint) to branding SharePoint, we do it all.

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