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Codeless Solutions.

Simply Powerful.

SharePoint empowers all levels of solution development. With codeless solutions, many processes can be automated without writing a single line of code. We have consultants that specialize in products such as InfoPath forms and SharePoint Designer.

Workflows Delivered.

Forms automated.

SharePoint Designer.

InfoPath Designer.

Workflows are at the heart of SharePoint. With SharePoint 2010 Designer, you can create workflows that will do the heavy lifting.

Now with SharePoint 2013 Azure workflows, you can further do codeless activities such as looping and staging.

Automate your organization's forms using InfoPath Designer 2010 or the new 2013. We can build forms that connect to back-end databases, submit data to SharePoint, or communicate with Web Services.

Business Intelligence.

Brilliant Look.

Sharepoint Dashboards.

Branding Done.

SharePoint offers a rich business intelligence system. Between Performance Point and Excel Services, you can develop crisp dashboards quickly. Ask us how.

Getting a nice custom look is critical to your portal. Let us help you translate a great design into SharePoint. We do master pages, css, and all the trimmings to get you a great look.


Why look at our codeless solutions:

Because: Consider what happens when you try to share a document within SharePoint: you have to drop it in a document library and email your colleague where it is. Then you have to play with confusing SharePoint permissions to get it visible by just you and him. There is another way to do document sharing in SharePoint! Very specifically, we enable document collaboration SharePoint with an actual web part: that is, it uses the underlying infrastructure as the gears to make it all work, but what you get is a fine clock with a very useable interface. That's what SharePoint 2010 document management was meant to be!


Because: Have you ever tried to do SharePoint 2010 branding? Have you ever tried to play with SharePoint 2010 branding CSS? If so, then you know how frustrating it is. The SharePoint branding tool and SharePoint branding training is really not "professional-grade". That's really what we had in mind when we pointed our SharePoint developers at the task...we said: "Guys, build us a SharePoint 2010 branding tool that people will actually want to use." That's it. Simple. What emerged was a really exquisite piece of technology that our customers actually love! And we can offer you SharePoint 2010 branding training and a SharePoint 2010 branding tutorial with it. Now you get why we think why we have the best SharePoint portal around? After all, SharePoint intranets are complex enough...we figured let's make the pages appealing to the eye to make the user experience a little more pleasant


Because: As a little more explanation on the SharePoint branding training, we spend time with you during our training sessions and go through a little SharePoint branding tutorial. We give you exercises to do. We give you SharePoint 2010 branding examples. These are designed to help you to get to where you want your branding in SharePoint 2010 to be. We show you branding SharePoint 2010 step by step. This works by the way in SharePoint Foundation 2010 (the free version of SharePoint 2010). Come check out our SharePoint branding templates and see why our SharePoint service gets rave reviews.


Because: SharePoint Foundation 2010 features many innovations. We've added branding SharePoint 2010 to it and you'll find that our SharePoint 2013 template solutions are also impressive.

Because: Branding SharePoint 2007 was a nightmare. Branding SharePoint 2010 step by step was a little easier, but not quite there...that's why we came up with our branding SharePoint 2010 app. We can provide you with an exceptional SharePoint 2010 branding training which includes a SharePoint 2010 Branding Tutorial with plenty of SharePoint 2010 branding examples. We are experts on SharePoint 2010 branding CSS and SharePoint 2010 branding templates -- when you think of SharePoint Implemented, think "SharePoint 2010 branding".


Because: We offer an exceptional branding solution: our SharePoint branding templates and SharePoint branding tool are above the competition. Our SharePoint branding training and SharePoint branding tutorial is icing on the cake. Whether it's branding in SharePoint 2010 or branding in SharePoint 2013 that you're looking for, you've come to the right place. Come see why our SharePoint service is the talk of the town! If you look at SharePoint 2013 template, you'll find that branding is made easier (by Microsoft themselves and with our product added on top of it).


Because: Document collaboration SharePoint is a difficult task, unless you have our tools. Our ShareWith product is the missing truly enables document sharing in SharePoint. It's one of the key things that SharePoint intranets are missing. It works on SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Standard 2010, SharePoint Enterprise 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Standard 2013, and SharePoint Enterprise 2013. SharePoint 2013 does have its own version of it but SharePoint 2010 documentation management is definitely lacking. This is why we have the best SharePoint portal and the greatest intranet templates hand down! If you put add ShareWith and our branding solution to make it a part of your SharePoint Foundation 2010 features set, you'll definitely be on your way to a more satisfying experience. And combined with our SharePoint templates 2010 (like SharePoint 2010 branding templates, intranet templates, etc.), you'll be more than satisfied -- you'll be actually collaborating.

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