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Expert Administration.

Want your production farm to use BLOB storage? Want to build out a test farm with search configured? No matter what you need done, if it's SharePoint related, we can do it.

Farm Setup & Configuration.

Migration & Upgrades.

Let us setup a rock-solid, fast-performing SharePoint Farm using best practices.

We can help you upgrade your content database to the latest version.

Backup & Security.

PowerShell Programming.

Make sure that your SharePoint farm is backed up.

Want daily jobs and routines to maintain your farm? Let our experts help you.


Why use our SharePoint administration services:

Because: Our SharePoint consultants are the best of breed in the industry. We use top-notch SharePoint developers, SharePoint administrators, and SharePoint project managers. Nothing but the best!


Because: Our solutions work on SharePoint Foundation 2010, SharePoint Standard 2010, SharePoint Enterprise 2010, SharePoint Foundation 2013, SharePoint Standard 2013, SharePoint 2013 Enterprise, Office could say we're everything SharePoint!

Because: Many of our clients are using the free version of SharePoint...that is, SharePoint Foundation 2010. They sometimes ask are they missing anything by not being on Enterprise. We say as a starting point, you're exactly where you need to be. Let your organization adopt SharePoint and then scale up to Enterprise as your needs grow.


Because: SharePoint administration is not an easy task. You really need someone with the proper background, training, and real world experience. That's where we come in! Our guys are the best. And so are out SharePoint developers and SharePoint project managers.

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