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Update Your License:

You should have an evaluation license with 60 days when you first install IBX. If you have decided to purchase IBX, please follow these steps to get a full key. The following screenshots were taken from SharePoint 2013, but the instructions are identical for SharePoint 2010 users:


1. Go to Central Admin and click on "Manage Product Licenses" underneath "SPI License Manager".

2. You either still have some time left on your evaluation license or it's on Update License.

3. If your company name is blank, fill it in. Once that's set, click on Export License Information:

4. It will give you the option to save the xml file which contains the data we need to generate you a key. Email that file to us at We will email the license key back to you. Enter that # into the Product Key field.

5. If you go back to the Manage Product Licenses page, it should say that the "Product License is Activated", but it also gives a message indicating that an "iisreset" is necessary.

6. Open up a command prompt and type in "iisreset":

7. When you go to your intranet site (http://<server_name>:port), it might say "IBX does not seem to be activated. Please click here to activate and then refresh this page." MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE LINK ON THE SERVER AND NOT ON YOUR LOCAL PC. The link will take you to you to the SPI License Manager page in Central Administration. The product will be totally activated at this point and ready to go!


1)In SharePoint as intranet, we have task lists in which you can assign tasks to team members. In typical SharePoint 2013 templates (and SharePoint 2010 templates), you can synch it up with Outlook's To Do List. You can create views such you can see how many tasks are complete, incomplete, assigned to a particular user, are overdue, are almost due, etc.

2)Document collaboration is a great thing...go back to earlier versions in case of errors.

3)SharePoint as intranet can automatically send alerts to team members when they have a new task or a task has been updated. You can do this in several SharePoint Templates like in SharePoint templates 2010.

4)Manage projects by utilizing the project management features in SharePoint. For example, IBX comes with a project management template. This is a great reason to upgrade to SharePoint 2013. You can do this in a SharePoint 2010 template or in SharePoint 2013 templates.

5)If you've ever used Microsoft Access, you know it's a powerful utility to create Database-driven applications. When tied to lists in SharePoint as the source of data (versus local Access tables), you get a powerful way to slice and dice and display your data. You can do this in a SharePoint 2010 template or in SharePoint 2013 templates.

6)Dashboards provide a wonderful "at-a-glance" method of getting a good picture of overarching progress and patterns regarding your projects. When done with charts, you can find out call center personnel efficiency, sales volumes, etc. For maximum usage, you can put the report viewer web part in many SharePoint Templates like in SharePoint templates 2010.

7)There are mobile phone integration capabilities in SharePoint 2013 templates (and SharePoint 2010 templates) so you can check your SharePoint tasks and SharePoint as intranet calendar on the go.

8)Help desk systems -- there are plenty of them out there but they typically have a large up-front cost or a low monthly cost. If you get one for SharePoint 2013 templates or SharePoint 2010 template, over time, your costs will be recouped. Wonderful purpose for an upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

9)Training is done well in SharePoint 2013 can create wiki pages or have a document library with all of your training materials in one place that are accessible by your team no matter where in the world they live and work. This feature is also present many SharePoint Templates like in SharePoint templates 2010.

10)If you are stricter in your organization about the content that goes up on the portal, there are content approval mechanisms that exist. That’s a good reason to upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

11)Offline work can be done for tasks, discussions, blogs, calendars, and files. Later, when you are reconnected to the network, you can hit the synch button.

12)One of the great things in SharePoint 2013 intranet is the ability to add custom columns to any list and also create custom views showing any set of columns you want with certain formulas applied. And it's easy enough for a non-technical user to do it himself with IT getting involved.

13)Project management is a challenging task and when you apply SharePoint 2013 intranet views, you can see what's going on see how far along your team is with milestones and change orders and take a look at the project calendar (in SharePoint 2010 templates, project management was not as sophisticated).

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More Information

SharePoint 2013 also comes with its improved SharePoint 2013 templates. Read more about them below.

SharePoiint 2013 Features - SharePoint Templates 2013:

SharePoint 2013 consists of many major additions that have been made as well as many crucial improvements. Some of the new and improved SharePoint 2013 features include the redesigned SharePoint 2013 templates, an intranet template, a SharePoint 2013 project management template free and SharePoint 2013 document management.

The SharePoint templates have been greatly improved and these SharePoint 2013 templates have been created in such a way as to increase productivity as well as efficiency. A much improved and feature rich intranet template has also been made a part of the SharePoint 2013 templates. SharePoint templates 2013 will also include a new Communities site template.

A SharePoint 2013 intranet portal is so much better than SharePoint 2010 because of these great SharePoint templates 2013 that have a major improvement over the previous SharePoint templates.

Our Product, IBX consists of ready to use branded SharePoint Templates 2013 which take these SharePoint templates to another level. These consist of an amazing intranet template, project site template and department template.

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