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SharePoint Intranet Sites

SharePoint Designer 2010 is a great, free product by Microsoft that enables non-programmers to build professional-grade SharePoint intranet sites (for SharePoint intranet 2010). It allows the person who sets it up to connect to many kinds of data sources and he/she can also customize views, forms, workflows, and a lot more. Once published at the click of a button, the resulting SharePoint business solution gets added to your SharePoint 2010 portal and it can be used right away by users. It can also become a template from which users can create new sites or it can be handed off to developers for further fine-grained refinement in Visual Studio.

Actually, SharePoint Designer 2010 can create more than site templates, however, this article is geared around templates. The question is what exactly are site templates? It's basically a prebuilt definition that focuses on a particular business need. Just like pre-fabricated structures used by construction companies to save them time and money from building it in the field, once all the functionality and methodology of handling a specific business solution has been hashed out, it can be consolidated into a SharePoint the Meeting Workspace Site is an out of the box SharePoint site template that has specific lists geared towards giving the person who instantiates an instance of this template to have everything he needs to improve the effectiveness of his meeting: it can hold documents, attendee lists, a space to hold the agenda, calendar, etc. If you create or modify a site, you can also save that as a template.

Upon creation of a template for inclusion in your SharePoint intranet sites, you will get a .wsp file which is a type of cab/archive file. It stands for Web Solution Package. You upload this file into the Solution Gallery so that any site in the SharePoint site collection can access it.

When you save a site as a site template for your SharePoint 2010 portal, not everything is's important to know what is retained and what’s not:

Saved: Lists, External Lists, Libraries, Data Source Connections, List Views/Data Views, Custom Actions, Custom forms, Workflows, Content Types, Master Pages, Site Pages, Modules, Web Templates, and Navigation.

Not Saved: Running Workflow Instances, People/Group Field Values, List Item Version History, Taxonomy Field Values, MySites, Publishing Pages and Publishing Sites, Workflow Tasks Associated with Running Workflows, and Customized Permissions.

For some great examples of non-out of the box SharePoint intranet 2010 templates (and a full SharePoint 2010 portal), check out these links: IBX Intranet Home Site Template, IBX Department Site Template, IBX Project Site Template...note that IBX is the name of a turn-key add-on product for your SharePoint Intranet 2010 (and also SharePoint 2013 intranets) to save you the time, trouble, and expense of having this custom built.

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