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SharePoint, first launched in 2001, is a web application which supports internet, SharePoint 2010 Intranet, document management, content management, extranet, enterprise research, business intelligence, and social networks. It has process integration, system integration and workflow capabilities, facilitating organizations and cloud hosting providers to SharePoint Document Collaboration effectively on a secured and a stable forum.

SharePoint has a user friendly interface, enabling even the non-technical users to access and manage information, helping with cost reduction and increase in productivity, by using familiar tools like MS Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Access and Outlook.

Almost 80% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint according to Microsoft. There are two free versions of SharePoint available, however, the premium editions with additional features and functions are sold under their SharePoint office 365 platform (also known as BPOS previously).

SharePoint office 365 is a cost-efficient, cloud-based solution, and can be licensed by multiple businesses, depending on the intended use of capabilities, hosting and deployment of SharePoint. There are 'Standard' and 'Dedicated' versions for business models like Professional, small and mid-sized businesses, and also a free model for education.

SharePoint office 365 is a global product, supporting more than 40 languages, and data center locations throughout the world. It offers multiple online community features like discussion boards, people search, document sharing, content tagging, personal SharePoint sites, Wiki's blogs, notifications and alerts. The configuration details are regularly backed up, and scanned using a secured virus scanning software.

SharePoint provides Lists for simple data entry Forms and is very user friendly, however, if you need additional form features, you can use InfoPath, which provides good digital signature support, flexibility of capturing repeated entries, user friendly for non-technical users, rules support and managed code support among others. It is a very versatile and efficient tool for data-collection and creation of forms within SharePoint, and connected to custom or out-of-the-box workflow.

InfoPath Forms 2010 is a powerful tool, which applies business logic and facilitates enhancement of list forms by modification of layouts, creation of additional views using minimal or no code, workflow and setting validation rules. One of the highlighted advantages of InfoPath is, for an example, if you have three files, each requiring alterations, you can make one change and it reflects in all the three files, while you will have to make individual changes with SharePoint. Changing back to SharePoint after the required modifications is also done in a click, as both are compatibly integrated.

SharePoint 2010 Intranet is an ever-changing landscape. Apart from delivering internal communication and facilitating effective SharePoint Document Collaboration for users, many innovative expectations are made from SharePoint 2010 intranet by businesses, demanding custom SharePoint design with different approaches and technologies.

The Best SharePoint Intranet teams today are growing, and working towards achieving results in lesser time periods than the previous years. The most significant point the Best SharePoint Intranet teams would agree on is, it is not just about SharePoint design designing the best SharePoint intranet sites, it is the maintenance and upkeep of the sites, consistently achieving more for the satisfaction of organizations and SharePoint Document Collaboration users that is important.

Aiding in transforming and strengthening the culture of an organization, the best SharePoint Intranet sites assist in generating a positive, rich and a powerful work experience by adding aesthetically pleasing SharePoint design to reflect the 'brand' value and delivering the best activity.

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