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Special Steps for Multiple Web Apps:

If your intranet structure is "multiple web apps, multiple site collections", then for the first web app, you will install IBX using the installer or manually. For the subsequent web apps:

1. Don't run the installer, but rather just deploy the spi.webparts.wsp solution to your web app (the following example assumes that a web app already exists at http://sp2010:30246 and a department site collection was created in it).


a. Go to Central Admin/Manage Farm Solutions. Click on spi.webparts.spi. In the example below, it is already deployed to the web app at http://2010 and now we want to deploy it to the web app at http://sp2010:30246. Notice that spi.common.wsp is already deployed globally so no need to touch that one. Once you click on the item, on the next screen you'll have the option to deploy it to your new web app.

2. Global Top Nav Bar: The web.config should already be correctly set up to handle the global top navigation bar. If you want to have a different global top nav bar for this web app, then look at the grouping section under Edit Your Global Top Nav Bar .

3. Update Site Rollups (My Teams, My Departments, My Projects): Site rollups are great for showing all of the tagged sites in your intranet. In the example below in the My Projects site rollup, there are 2 projects: T4 and P3. They happen to be in different web apps. The site rollup web part has to be configured to look at the different web apps. Just list the web apps you care about scanning separated by a semicolon (do this in the field in the web part configuration properties window as shown labeled "Enter Web Application Root URLs" and make sure that the checkbox is ticked).

4. Update Other Rollups (Calendar Rollup, Announcements Rollup, Blog Rollup, Latest Activities, etc.): There are several other rollups that should be updated when you add web apps/site collections. They all have the following web part configuration properties window. Simply enter in all the site collection URL's you want to rollup separated by semicolon (in the field "Site Collections").


Some of the world’s best intranets work on SharePoint. SharePoint 2010 Intranet Examples and repeated winners are: National Geographic, Mayo Clinic, Air New Zealand, Allianz Australia, International Monetary Fund (IMF) and WellPoint.

To start an intranet project or even to redevelop an existing one is an interesting, but a huge task. With proper information, planning and research, and using a myriad of technology along with design and strategy, this feat can be achieved.

An outline:

1.To be in sync with the client’s expectations.

SharePoint 2010 Intranet Examples offers many new possibilities and capabilities to understand the business operation, needs and expectations. The information required here is specific to the company or the organization you are building the Intranet Software for. Hence, instead of taking surveys or focusing on a large group for information, it can be determined by one-on-one interviews, focus groups and work place observation.

2.The focal point for communication

This a technology based process, hence, constant communication with the IT department is inevitable, even if they are not the business owners for the project you are working on. It is very important to identify the focal for the project so as to be on the same page with each step of development.


While understanding the business needs and the effect expected by the client organization, there is a pretty good idea of the scope to be covered. However, if any details need to be specified, this is the right step to cover the loose ends.


The SharePoint 2010 Intranet Examples Intranet Software offers a lot of selections and alternatives to choose from to determine and finalize the strategy for building the site. Different collaboration features, functionalities, tools and platforms are offered by SharePoint 2010. The best choice of strategy and technology can be made by getting answers to some crucial questions about the purpose: Content, Collaboration, Communication, Activity and Culture If you get an idea about these five decisive elements, the outcome of the project can be most efficient and satisfactory.


This is the area which determines the working of the site for the end users. It is the practical aspect of the project, on which you may require working for a long time even after it is established. The maintenance and upkeep of an intranet site is very important to retain its freshness and to remain in touch with any recent developments in the market. Again, all the above points will help you determine the core requirements and enable you to make constructive decisions on this front.


This is the stage where you give the best design you can offer, which is radical, extremely useful and gives a great impression to the first-time visitors too.


To build a great design, SharePoint 2010 offers a very useful technology platform. Like, configuration of tools and Intranet Software, implementation of site structure, establishment of metadata, lists, content types and visual design, load testing, user acceptance testing, and finally the training to be provided to the end users. SharePoint provides a vast area of technology solutions for all these considerations.

8.Content and Implementation

Migrating apt and related content is absolutely necessary to make the project a success. Automation and manual options offered by SharePoint can be used to determine this aspect.

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