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Team Site Info:

What is it: Displays relevant, identifying information for a team site.

Why did we build it: Sometimes you want to display identifying information on certain sites. This is the way to go! Description. Also note that the Site Type drop down list should be set to Team.


Where does the data come from: From a SharePoint list called sysSiteInfo. Many web parts get data from this list. The columns that are relevant to the team site info web part are SiteName, SiteStatus, and Description. Also note that the Site Type drop down list should be set to Team.

Department Home Contact Info:

What is it: Identifies the department site prominently.

Why did we build it: You want visitors to the site knowing exactly where they are and who's in charge.

Where does the data come from: From a SharePoint list called Contacts. The important fields here are Full Name, Job Title, and Description. If isKeyContact is set to Yes, then the web part knows to use this particular contact to get its data from.

Project Information:

What is it: Prominently displays identifying information about your project site. Moreover, it shows the running totals of the dollars and hours spent.

Why did we build it: It provides you with a great amount of information in just a quick glance.

Where does the data come from:

a. The SharePoint list called sysSiteInfo is used by many web parts, but the ones that are relevant here are SiteName, SiteStatus, Budgeted Hours, Hourly Rate, Budgeted Dollars, Project Status, and Description.

b. The total time spent on the project comes from adding up the BilledHours spent in each of the tasks in the TimeTrack list. The number of dollars spent equals to the total time spent multiplied by the hourly rate.


SharePoint intranet All in One Guide & SharePoint Tutorials:

One of the best things about our SharePoint Software is that it is so user friendly. The whole SharePoint intranet, IBX, has been designed and structured by our team so that it presents a very natural fell and gives ease of use to all its users. We have strived to take the complexity of use out of the SharePoint software. We have equipped our SharePoint software with 40 incredible SharePoint web parts which are much demanded by all companies.

Once you download our product, you’ll realize just how easy it is to operate and that it is definitely worth its value. To help you use our product, we also include a detailed manual called the All in One Guide which not only gives instructions on the installation process, but also provides you with information on all our SharePoint web parts. It tells you what each web part can be used for and how to use each of the SharePoint web parts. How great is that!

On top of that, we also have videos of our SharePoint tutorials uploaded on our website as well as on YouTube under the username of SharePointable. These SharePoint tutorials show you visually, using examples, how you can use each of our SharePoint web parts, SharePoint templates and even gives information on our SharePoint software as a whole. Be sure to check out our SharePoint tutorials and use them to play around with our SharePoint demo of IBX to get a feel of our SharePoint intranet.

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