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Underlying List: "Project Plan":

i. This is the SharePoint list that holds the data used by most of the project planning web parts. Here is the root folder of the Project Plan. Under that are the contents of the Installation folder.

This is text.

ii. There are many different "views" to this data like the Gantt View and Calendar View (both of these are standard in SharePoint). The bottom-right corner shows Project View and that's one that we at SharePoint Implemented built (similar to MS Project). For more info on our Project View, see the "Project Plan" section.

iii. To choose either the standard Gantt or Calendar views, from the list's ribbon, choose List/Current View and then select the view you want. The Project view is actually called "All Tasks".

Project Plan:

What is it: Shows the tasks your team has to do in an MS Project style viewer.

Why did we build it: Standard SharePoint offers Gantt view and Calendar view, but no MS Project-style view. Why not? That's what we said.

How to use it: When creating tasks, you can have folders or actual task items. As far as the actual task items go, they can be green (meaning not due yet), red (meaning overdue), or they can have a diamond shape (meaning it's a milestone marker). To create these milestone markers, just make the start and end days the same.

Project Milestone:

What is it: Shows bar chart for the progress of major tasks.

Why did we build it: It's really great for your whole team to see big chart-like visualizations of what's going on with the major tasks. This is the way to go.


More SharePoint 2013 Intranet Featres:

Microsoft has come up with a very visually different SharePoint 2013 and in this version of the software, a lot of emphasis has been placed on collaboration, increased integration and communication. It has become increasingly like the top current social networking sites by introducing new features such as the newsfeed, ability to follow your areas of interest and also user profile pages. These user profiles contain about me pages and contain all the activity of the user which other users or employees can take a look at and even follow. These pages are even complete with profile pictures and status updates. Thus, in this way Microsoft brings the familiarity of those networking sites to SharePoint 2013 and makes it easier to keep up with current happenings around entire organizations. Not only this, but SharePoint has come up with its very own app store model, and has enabled much better mobile viewing in this version of the SharePoint 2013 intranet.

Other features of the latest SharePoint intranet also iinclude much improved

-branding features,

- SharePoint 2013 templates,

- SharePoint document collaboration,

- better storage system on SkyDrive Pro

- and much much more.

Read on to learn more about these introductions by Microsoft.

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