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Pre-IBX Installation Requirements:

1. Make sure you have SharePoint already installed preferably in a development environment.

2. Note that Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8 are UNSUPPORTED. This product has been tested on Windows Server 2008 and 2012 only.

3. Please make sure you have installed SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 (Foundation, Standard, or Enterprise). IBX will be installed on top of that. IBX does not work on Office 365.


4. For SharePoint 2013 users, IBX will work either as a native app or in SharePoint 2013 running in 2010 compatibility mode.

5. Note that if yours users or admins are using a non-IE browser, some features may not work. If you encounter anything, let us know. Also, SharePoint has known issues with IE 6 and below.

6.We recommend installing Microsoft Access for the datasheet view capability (install on the server as well as your local client machines). In DataSheet view, you can quickly add data to lists. A typical list in DataSheet View will look like this:

Without DataSheet view, you will be stuck entering in data one record at a time:


Gartner reports that CIO's are focusing on enterprise portals. What is the main feature-set of the best SharePoint portal? What about global top nav, cross-site collection/cross web-app rollup web parts, and a point and click branding app to start! IBX offers all of this. To see our SharePoint intranet examples, give us a call to schedule a demo (for a SharePoint 2013 demo or 2010). We'll show you our SharePoint intranet template (SharePoint 2010 intranet template or SharePoint 2013).

Forrester Research also finds that intranets are growing in popularity. There are other types of portals besides SharePoint out there, but definitely SharePoint 2013 is a great contender in the space. The presence of SharePoint 2013 Foundation has fundamentally changed the marketplace of Intranet Software. Leaping off the popularity of SharePoint 2010 Foundation, customers upgrading to the SharePoint 2013 version are really happy (not just because it's all free for SharePoint 2013 Foundation, but also the features are great). Word on the street is in: a SharePoint 2013 portal is a must have! There's such a wide variety of SharePoint intranet examples, that's where you should start looking.

Microsoft has raked in billions of dollars with SharePoint. SharePoint 2013 is a major new release compared to SharePoint 2010. They simply have the best Intranet software on the market. And the best SharePoint portal on the market is IBX, hands down! With the proliferation of web parts on the market, you need a SharePoint intranet template that's already set up. Our SharePoint 2010 Intranet template is pretty amazing. Our SharePoint 2013 templates are even more amazing because they leverage the new features.

An intranet should provide timely information to employees. Perhaps it can have a dashboard of real-time data, what's going on as far as events, etc. Come check out our SharePoint intranet examples to see how it's really done right! All the way from SharePoint 2010 Foundation to a SharePoint 2013 Portal, we can show you what makes sense for your organization. Play with out working examples/demos yourself or call us to give you a SharePoint 2013 demo.

In the old days, SharePoint was used for document storage and that's about it. SharePoint 2013 is a leap forward for mobile and social technologies. IBX is the best SharePoint portal and we can configure it for social. Our SharePoint intranet template is world-class (that's for both the SharePoint 2010 intranet template as well as the SharePoint 2013 intranet template). IBX is considered intranet software of the turn-key variety meaning that you don't have to spend much time configuring it...just "turn the key" and you're ready to drive! And of course, with our great support, we're there for you every step of the way!

On-premise solution of SharePoint 2013 is one option to look at vs. cloud. Whether you're looking at SHarePoint 2010 Foundation or SharePoint 2013 Foundation, we can provide you a demo. We are especially pleased with our SharePoint 2013 demo on our IBX SharePoint 2013 portal.

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SharePoint 2013 also comes with its improved SharePoint 2013 templates. Read more about them below.

SharePoiint 2013 Features - SharePoint Templates 2013:

SharePoint 2013 consists of many major additions that have been made as well as many crucial improvements. Some of the new and improved SharePoint 2013 features include the redesigned SharePoint 2013 templates, an intranet template, a SharePoint 2013 project management template free and SharePoint 2013 document management.

The SharePoint templates have been greatly improved and these SharePoint 2013 templates have been created in such a way as to increase productivity as well as efficiency. A much improved and feature rich intranet template has also been made a part of the SharePoint 2013 templates. SharePoint templates 2013 will also include a new Communities site template.

A SharePoint 2013 intranet portal is so much better than SharePoint 2010 because of these great SharePoint templates 2013 that have a major improvement over the previous SharePoint templates.

Our Product, IBX consists of ready to use branded SharePoint Templates 2013 which take these SharePoint templates to another level. These consist of an amazing intranet template, project site template and department template.

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