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<h3>Documentation > IBX 2013 > All In One Guide > Personalization Steps Section > Personalize the Main Intranet Home Page > Miscellaneous Web Parts</h3>

CEO Message:

A. This web part is used to display a message/announcement from the CEO, manager, etc.

B. To edit the title from CEO Message to something else, you'll put the page into edit mode as you did before, and then change the title in the web part properties window.


C. While you're in the web part properties window, you can change the photo by changing "Image URL" under the Custom Properties section (point it to an existing picture in the User Information list, a different SharePoint picture library picture, or even a picture outside of SharePoint).

D. To change the message, find the CEO Message list in the site content area and change the message there.

Quote of the Day:

A. Use this web part to display fun quotes, serious user tips, or your company history. To edit the title from Quotes of the Day to something else, you'll put the page into edit mode as you did before, and then change the title in the web part properties window.

B. To add, edit, or delete messages, go to Gear icon/Site contents for SharePoint 2013 users (or Site Actions/View All Site Content for SharePoint 2010 users) and click on the Tip of the Day list.


A. Just like a stock ticker, this is a scrolling single row of text with individual news feed items separated by a vertical bar. To add/change news items, go to the News Feed list.

Picture Library/Light Box:

A. You can add pictures of anything, but on the home site, we suggest a recent pictures grid of your latest company events. Clicking on a thumbnail yields a larger corresponding image and from there, the user can hit a next button to produce a slide show effect.

B. As shown, the web part is currently set to display in a 3x3 grid, but you can change those dimensions. Refer to the reference guide for that information.


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