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<h3>Documentation > IBX for SharePoint 2010 & SharePoint 2013 > All In One Guide </h3>>>> Personalization Steps Section > Personalize the Main Intranet Home Page > Map and Weather Web Parts

List to Map:

A. Here, you get to plot your offices or client locations on a Google map.

B. The data comes from the SharePoint list called MapList which you'll find by going to Gear icon/Site Contents for SharePoint 2013 users (or Site Actions/View All Site Content for SharePoint 2010 users). Open that list and start entering your data now.

C. You can use the address or coordinates (use coordinates for addresses that don't map right). The Description text can be formatted nicely and even pictures can go in it... these will be visible when the user clicks on the corresponding flagged location on the map (it appears in a bubble above the flag). And when he clicks on the hyperlink within the bubble, he'll be taken to the URL specified in in the list.


A. For this web part, you'll have to put the whole page into page edit mode and edit the web part properties so that you can put in your city. To do that, click on the Gear icon/Edit page for SharePoint 2013 users (or Site Actions/View All Site Content for SharePoint 2010 users).

B. The page might look a little strange, but go ahead and find the weather web part and move your mouse over the title area until the little down arrow appears. Click it and select Edit Web Part.

C. Next, all the way on the top right of your window, you'll find the web part properties window as shown here.

D. Under the appearance section, change the title to your city's name.

E. Then under the SPI Custom Properties section, change the city name. You can even use "city, state" if the name of your city is common. It also works with international locations like "Buenos Aires, Argentina".


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