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Manual Install:

If you'd prefer command-line over the automatic installer app (or if an issue occurs with the installer app), right-click on the SharePoint 2010 Management Shell (or SharePoint 2013 Management Shell for SharePoint 2013 users) and choose "Run as administrator" (as shown here):

1. In the installer directory, cd to the Resources directory (see command prompt image below).

2. Enter these 2 commands to add the solutions to the solutions database (you may have to prefix the filenames with the directory path):

a. Add-SPSolution spi.common.wsp

b. Add-SPSolution spi.webparts.wsp

3. Enter this command to deploy spi.common.wsp globally:

a. Install-SPSolution -Identity spi.common.wsp -GACDeployment

4. Enter this command to deploy the spi.webparts.wsp to your web app:

a.Install-SPSolution-Identity spi.webparts.wsp

-WebApplication http://<your_web_app_name>


a. Install-SPSolution -Identity spi.webparts.wsp -WebApplication http://<your_web_app_name> -GACDeployment

Here are all of the commands and the output:

5. When you go to your intranet site (http://<server_name>:port), it might say "IBX does not seem to be activated. Please click here to activate and then refresh this page." MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE LINK ON THE SERVER AND NOT ON YOUR LOCAL PC. The link will take you to you to the SPI License Manager page in Central Administration. The product will be totally activated at this point and ready to go!


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