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Latest Activities Rollup:

What is it: Simple one-line descriptions of what people are doing all over the intranet (new announcements, tasks, etc.).

Why did we build it: If someone does something important on a particular site, you may never find out about it unless you go to that page and see it yourself. The Latest Activities web part keeps you informed of all activities on the intranet (assuming you have permission to see it).


Latest Activities Rollup Details:

What is it: The Latest Activities Rollup web part will show only a few rows. This web part will show all the latest activities.

Why did we build it: We felt that partial and full lists were the way to go!

Current Site Latest Activity:

What is it: The Latest Activities web part can show activity from across the intranet. This web part can be used if you just want to show activity for a local site.

Why did we build it: This particular web part keeps the user informed about all the going on for the Current Site, provided he has permission to view it.


Here's some information on SharePoint Implemented's Product, IBX, and why we consider it to the best SharePoint intranet portal around.

What is a SharePoint Portal?:

Effective and improved storage and communication of information, data, and idea is possible using a SharePoint intranet portal. SharePoint intranet is used to simplify and quicken project management tasks across departments as well as entire companies and organizations.

A SharePoint Intranet portal provides a platform through which people can keep up with the current happenings of the company and has also been seen to increase the level of participation of employees within the company as well.

Using SharePoint as Intranet is being adopted by many companies worldwide and with the many intranet examples around, we thank you for visiting our website and trying out our SharePoint Intranet Portal.

There are many attractive reasons as to why our SharePoint as Intranet is the best SharePoint intranet of the many intranet examples around. And it is because of these reasons we are among the best SharePoint sites around and IBX is functionally and price wise the best SharePoint intranet.

Our Intranet Portal - IBX:

There are many reasons why you’ll find ours is at the top of the best SharePoint sites and is the best SharePoint intranet available. Our flagship product is an intranet software known as IBX. This ready to use intranet software is a SharePoint Portal which goes that step ahead in making the experience of SharePoint as intranet more enjoyable and easy to use. The latest version of our intranet software, IBX, is the SharePoint 2013 intranet.

Our SharePoint 2013 portal intranet examples run on SharePoint Foundation as well which is a huge plus point as this is the version of SharePoint. Our SharePoint portal provides you with over 40 SharePoint web parts and much demanded features that aren’t available in the regular version of SharePoint.

Also, our SharePoint 2013 Intranet has no licensing costs. And to add icing to the cake, since our SharePoint intranet runs on SharePoint Foundation, all the additional licensing costs disappear as well! Customers say that the features of SharePoint Foundation make it the preferred choice for their companies and it is used by the best SharePoint sites.

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