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Edit Your Global Top Navigation Bar:

1. Concept: We built the global top navigation system with the idea that the top navigation bar should be shareable by all sites and pages within a site collection or among different site collections or even among different web apps. The user has the flexibility to group site collections that all share the same top navigation.

2. The actual top navigation consists of a control placed in the master page, a list where the actual data is stored, and a config file where the grouping of site collections is defined:

a. Master Page Control: Uses ASP.Net Menu Control.

b. List:

i. Overview: We store the actual global navigation bar entries in a list called xNav (AUTOMATICALLY DONE UPON INSTALL). You can get to it by going to that list in Site Actions/View All Site Content or just simply click on the icon in the global top nav bar. Notice in the boxes on the left side of the image below, Sales falls under Departments because as shown in the ovals on the right side, Sales's Parent ID is the MenuID of Departments (which is 200 in this case). Note that MenuID is a unique number in this list. DropDownOrder refers to which order should items appear underneath a parent entry.

ii. HOW TO ADD AN ITEM: Adding a new department for example would simply involve clicking Add New Item, indicating the title and URL of the entry and the proper parameters: a Parent ID of 200, a MenuID of 203 (good to keep it sequential and grouped in the 100's per drop down), and a Position of 3 (since 1 & 2 are occupied by HR & Sales).

iii. How do I make an item open up in a new tab: Let's say you have a link in your top nav that goes to a URL outside of your intranet (like salesforce.com or something like that). You probably want that to open in a new tab rather than in the current tab. To do that, in the "Navigation URL" column, you would put the following: javascript:void window.open("http://salesforce.com");

iv. How do I make an item do nothing: You may want to do nothing if there is a drop-down of menu choices and you want the parent to not go anywhere...like in the About Us example above has 2 wiki pages beneath it (Our History & Our Vision). Use this: javascript:void(0);

v. What are Mega menus: Mega menus is an alternative menu style that has some pleasant animated qualities to it. It can be turned on via the branding app. It looks like this:

vi. How many sub-levels of menus can I get: The top nav using the regular style supports 3-tiers (2 sub-levels). The mega menus support only 2-tiers for now.

C. SPIConfig.XML Indicates Which List Each Site Collection Should Pull It's Top Navigation Bar Entries From: The SPIConfig.xml file in the 14 hive area (typically C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\SPI\Config), is updated AFTER each site collection is created (AUTOMATICALLY DONE UPON INSTALL). This allows each site collection to have its own top nav or use our Global Navigation which is contained in a single list called xNav. In our case below, it's located in the directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\SPI\Config. In this example, there's only 1 entry meaning that all site collections will grab their top navigation from the list mentioned below.









Where you go when you click the home button on the nav bar

Always xNav

Location of xNav list (contains the nav bar text, URL destinations, and positioning)

'default' means apply to all site collections, otherwise only apply to site collection listed

Grouping Your Top Navigation: If you wanted particular site collections to have a different top navigation bar from the default one, then add a new entry into the SPIConfig.xml file like this (in this example, the sales and finance department site collections share the navigation entries in the xNav list located in the sales department):

<SiteCollection NavURL="http://sp2010" ListName="xNav" MenuListSPSiteURL="http://sp2010/dept/sales"

URL="http://sp2010/dept/sales" />

<SiteCollection NavURL="http://sp2010" ListName="xNav" MenuListSPSiteURL="http://sp2010/dept/finance"

URL="http://sp2010:30246/dept/finance" />

3. SiteMap Provider in web.config: Make sure each web app also has our navigation provider entry (AUTOMATICALLY DONE UPON INSTALL). By default SharePoint uses a default site map provider but we override that with our custom site map provider (in web.config). In our case below, the web.config is located at (locate yours in your IIS settings): C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\SP201080\web.config:

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