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What is SharePoint? SharePoint 2010 intranet template, SharePoint 2013 intranet template, and SharePoint Office 365 are web application platforms that offer companies (small, medium, and large), non-profits, and government entities with a "proper" intranet/portal solution that they've been hunting for. SharePoint intranet templates were first introduced by Microsoft in 2001 and it became popular for content management (web content) and also document management (and SharePoint Document Collaboration). It always had more capabilities than that and only in the more recent years have these other features been utilized by customers...with that surge, Microsoft has expanded those other features significantly. These features include social networking via MySites, business intelligence (BI), extranets, awesome search capabilities that rival Google, system/process integration, and SharePoint custom workflow.

The interface to SharePoint 2010 intranet template is similar to that of Microsoft Office and as expected, Microsoft has created quite a bit of 2-way integration between SharePoint and Office (not to be confused with SharePoint Office 365). This makes it appealing to non-technical users.

SharePoint and Other API’s: Many Enterprise applications like ERP and CRM packages are capable of providing SharePoint 2010 intranet template integration. Additionally you can get SharePoint 2013 intranet template development stack through its Web API’s. This makes SharePoint 2013 intranet template a standard integration option for Enterprise solutions. When it comes to SharePoint customization, these API's are the way to go.

One gets central management, governance and security control for Enterprise applications without developing too much for it.Since its framework is based on standard ASP.NET 3.5 , the SharePoint intranet templates directly integrates into IIS, which allows a user able to manage applications in bulk, scaling and provisioning of server, which is quite often required for large organizations or cloud hosting providers. Whether your intranet templates are for social or business functionality, SharePoint has something for you.

How can SharePoint Intranet Templates solve your ordinary and complex business needs? Let's have look at how a SharePoint intranet template can help one to solve from an ordinary business needs to the complex one (whether using out of the box solutions or SharePoint customization).

A SharePoint intranet template provides an easy integration with Outlook, you can archive all your Outlook emails to a SharePoint list. Consider a scenario, where you have a long chain of conversations with your client for an upcoming project, which of course contains valuable information about the project which can be helpful for the team. So when the same project gets started and the team starts working on it , you can dump all your project related conversation to a SharePoint intranet template list and share it with the team, how easy, isn’t it?

Another powerful feature is SharePoint document collaboration and version control. So it allows multiple access to the same document and one can always have an access to an older version of the document if something needs to be reverted.

SharePoint Designer is a tool that's available for free. It’s a tool to design, develop and customize SharePoint Web pages and Sites. This is very useful for creating SharePoint custom workflow solutions, designing look and feel for your site without much effort.

As the name suggests, team sites used in intranet templates and are utilized as a collaboration platform for team management and tracking their activities within the organization. This Site template can have SharePoint customization and provides Task, Issues, shared calendars, contacts, announcements, list and libraries. Great location for SharePoint document collaboration. Note that team sites can be used in SharePoint Office 365 and even in SharePoint templates 2013.

Another powerful tool provided by Microsoft in SharePoint Templates 2013, is wikis which is used to share knowledge and information effectively. When used in SharePoint templates 2013, it allows to maintain versions, access control , document check out and check in and sophisticated approval SharePoint custom workflow, so data uploaded are consistent ad free from any errors in these intranet templates.

InfoPath Forms 2010 with it's great user interface allows for the capture of data without any customization and you can simply add files to your InfoPath Forms 2010 without taking it to the IT admin or web designer. InfoPath Forms 2010 in SharePoint Enterprise 2010 will show up in the browser.

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