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Create Sub sites within a Site Collection:

You want to create sub sites if you have chosen to go with a "single web app, single site collection, multiple subsites" model for your intranet. Follow these steps:

1. Navigate to your intranet home page. For SharePoint 2010 users, under Site Actions, choose "New Site". For SharePoint 2013 users, under the Gear icon, choose Site Contents and then at the bottom of the page, click "New Subsite".


2. Choose SPI Department Site or SPI Project Site. In this example below, we're creating an HR department site. Note that if you get any error messages indicating "unexpected error" while creating subsites, try creating site collections instead.

3. This is what a resulting department site looks like. It has a little bit of dummy data populated in it.

4. This is what a resulting project site looks like.

5. This is what the Form Center site looks like:

5. This is what the Dashboard Center site looks like:


SharePoint is a web application, used by organizations to collaborate effectively, within the company, or globally. And apart from the conventional use, now branding plays an important part in this field.

Branding SharePoint is creating a specific identity or an image which can be recognized globally in relation to a product or a company. It is a customization of a site through aesthetic designs, reflecting the corporate identity of a business. While it is an art, it also requires technical skills and analysis of the business for which the site is being constructed.

50% of top intranets use Branding SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 Branding, SharePoint 2013 Branding, SharePoint Branding Tool out of which 80% are Fortune 500 companies.

Branding SharePoint, SharePoint 2010 Branding,SharePoint Branding, SharePoint 2013 Branding , SharePoint Branding Tool a product globally will help it to stand out for all the clients and consumers. For intranet, branding will involve a more internal approach, important none-the-less. It would mean providing the employees with a forum on which they find an interesting and stimulating environment, where they can connect with the company, spur ideas and have a personal space.

SharePoint Branding is much more than just changing the blue color and adding an attractive header. It is about changing the landscape by using effective layout, appeasing colors, fonts and styles, and making the user’s experience even more interesting by different customized features.

Before taking the initial step for SharePoint 2010 Branding, it is very important to have a project sponsor and a good understanding of the business you are SharePoint Branding for. Of course, not one typical design will be ideal for all kinds of business and purposes. A search site may require different priority aspects, while a publishing site or a team site may require totally different perspectives.

The main concrete points of the whole project are to be laid out to ensure the project to go as per plan and achieve desired results. The vision needs to be clear, and the goals set should be measureable and achievable.

SharePoint Online Branding, SharePoint 2010 Branding,SharePoint Branding, SharePoint 2013 Branding may be easy to implement, but difficult or expensive to maintain. For an easy implementation and maintenance, it is very important that you choose the correct tool, the one which adapts to your needs aptly.

The most popular, popular Branding SharePoint ,SharePoint Online Branding, SharePoint Branding Tool tools available in the market are Balsamiq, Visio, and Photoshop among others.

SharePoint Online Branding The most commonly used are Themes, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Master Pages, Page Layouts, JQuery and Wireframes.

A wireframe is the core of the design. Creating the wireframe is to decide the layout, structure and placement of the model. Then the building and testing according to the wireframe can begin once it is approved.

Master Pages basically determine the flow of the page. It is an HTML that helps with the layout of the articles to be placed on the page. It uses content place holders to determine the exact place and also loads resources like JQuery libraries and CSS. It is used to place a footer too.

Right after the Master pages, Page layouts follow. It is very powerful with the intranet as it allows even other site columns to fit in and be part of the whole designs, also tagging some authored content.

Themes apply a color palette across the sites. It is very important to decide on the correct theme. The themes files can be imported to SharePoint from Office 2010, and the colors can be specified via CSS.

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SharePoint 2013 also comes with its improved SharePoint 2013 templates. Read more about them below.

SharePoiint 2013 Features - SharePoint Templates 2013:

SharePoint 2013 consists of many major additions that have been made as well as many crucial improvements. Some of the new and improved SharePoint 2013 features include the redesigned SharePoint 2013 templates, an intranet template, a SharePoint 2013 project management template free and SharePoint 2013 document management.

The SharePoint templates have been greatly improved and these SharePoint 2013 templates have been created in such a way as to increase productivity as well as efficiency. A much improved and feature rich intranet template has also been made a part of the SharePoint 2013 templates. SharePoint templates 2013 will also include a new Communities site template.

A SharePoint 2013 intranet portal is so much better than SharePoint 2010 because of these great SharePoint templates 2013 that have a major improvement over the previous SharePoint templates.

Our Product, IBX consists of ready to use branded SharePoint Templates 2013 which take these SharePoint templates to another level. These consist of an amazing intranet template, project site template and department template.

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