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Automatic Install:

1. As noted earlier: Make sure you have SharePoint already installed. Preferably in a development environment. Note that Windows XP, Vista, 7, & 8 are unsupported. Please make sure you have installed SharePoint 2010 or SharePoint 2013 (Foundation, Standard, or Enterprise) on Windows Server 2008 or 2012. IBX will be installed on top of that. For SharePoint 2013 users, IBX will work either as a native app or in SharePoint 2013 running in 2010 compatibility mode.

2. Before you begin the installation, make sure you have a web app already created. You will tell the installer app to deploy there. In general, it's better to have a fresh web app rather than installing to an existing one (we've noticed issues occur sometimes when other site collections exist or have existed within the web app). Also, if you encounter issues installing to a blank web app, try creating a brand new one and retry the installation...this seems to solve many installation issues!

3. Right-click on the setup program and run as administrator.

Note that if you are not showing file extensions as in the sample image here, the file to run is 'Setup' (not 'Setup.exe').

If you are showing file extensions, the file to run is 'Setup.exe' (not 'Setup.exe.config').

4. This system check ensures that all prerequisites to install IBX are there. Make sure you get all "greens" here. Also, the installer checks for any existing installations of IBX. If it's already installed, you will not get the option to install it, but rather you'll have the option to remove it.

One common error that could cause a red X on this screen is the SharePoint Administration Service not being started. If you get this, then open up "Services" from Administrative Tools and start the SharePoint Administration Service.

5. After accepting the End User License Agreement (EULA), this screen will show all existing web apps where the intranet can be deployed to. Make sure you don't pick Central Administration. Pick a fresh web app that doesn't have other site collections in it preferably.

If you'd like to create a sample intranet (has lots of sample data), indicate that by checking the "Create Sample Intranet?" checkbox. NOTE THAT IT CAN TAKE ANYWHERE FROM 10-25 MINUTES TO CREATE THE SAMPLE INTRANET. The installer is waiting on some SharePoint timer jobs to execute and so installation time can vary depending on your SharePoint system configuration.

6. On the next screen, the installer will progress through a series of tasks with the following text:

a. "Adding solution to the SharePoint solution store."

b. "Creating job for deploying the solution to all web applications"

c. "Waiting for solution deployment job to complete. Press Abort to stop."

If everything went well, it should finally say: "All operations successfully completed."

7. And the last screen in the installer is just giving a text capture of all messages from all steps. If an error occurs, copy and paste all text into an email and send it to Also include your build # which can be found in the filename of the installer file you downloaded.

8. When you go to your intranet site (http://<server_name>:port), it might say "IBX does not seem to be activated. Please click here to activate and then refresh this page." MAKE SURE YOU CLICK THE LINK ON THE SERVER AND NOT ON YOUR LOCAL PC. The link will take you to you to the SPI License Manager page in Central Administration. The product will be totally activated at this point and ready to go!


1)SharePoint 2010 Intranet has an inbuilt feature to track Tasks, which is a very common requirement for any project or business. So you can simply assign tasks to your team member and track its progress without investing anything in expensive SharePoint customization. Further, this Tasks list can be synched with Outlook’s To-Do list.

2)SharePoint intranet 2010 also incorporates event management. So a SharePoint 2010 portal calendar allows you to create any event and track it. On these SharePoint intranet sites, you can also track its relevant information like events before, documents, events after etc.

3)User needs to check-in / Check out the document for editing it. This is doable on an intranet template.

4)SharePoint 2010 intranet also provides alert management, i.e., if a task is assigned, completed, or changes, alerts just requires a single click to configure them. The user gets an alert for every step if configured to do so in the intranet template.

5)Every organization requires the management of projects. This is typically a fairly large cost. A SharePoint 2010 intranet like IBX comes with a project management template as one of the intranet template.

6)You can use SharePoint intranet sites as effective ticket management portals without investing too much into it. Now that's a useful SharePoint 2010 portal!

7)SharePoint intranet 2010 provides a powerful blog feature within SharePoint intranet sites which you can use to share ideas & knowledge with your team.

8)SharePoint 2010 portal has a content approval mechanism by which you can control what document could be made available for your company.

9)SharePoint intranet 2010 can also allow external websites, so your employees can access it around the world and you can share training materials and knowledge without any threat to security.

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More Information

SharePoint 2013 also comes with its improved SharePoint 2013 templates. Read more about them below.

SharePoiint 2013 Features - SharePoint Templates 2013:

SharePoint 2013 consists of many major additions that have been made as well as many crucial improvements. Some of the new and improved SharePoint 2013 features include the redesigned SharePoint 2013 templates, an intranet template, a SharePoint 2013 project management template free and SharePoint 2013 document management.

The SharePoint templates have been greatly improved and these SharePoint 2013 templates have been created in such a way as to increase productivity as well as efficiency. A much improved and feature rich intranet template has also been made a part of the SharePoint 2013 templates. SharePoint templates 2013 will also include a new Communities site template.

A SharePoint 2013 intranet portal is so much better than SharePoint 2010 because of these great SharePoint templates 2013 that have a major improvement over the previous SharePoint templates.

Our Product, IBX consists of ready to use branded SharePoint Templates 2013 which take these SharePoint templates to another level. These consist of an amazing intranet template, project site template and department template.

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