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<h3>IBX: A SharePoint Portal in Minutes</h3>
					fx: 'none', 										
					cleartypeNoBg: 'false', 
					pause: 'true', 
					timeout: 9000, 
					slideResize: 0,
					containerResize: 0,
					fit: true,			
					onPrevNextEvent: function(isNext, zeroBasedSlideIndex, slideElement)  {
					before: function (curr, next, opts) { 
						var zeroBasedSlideIndex = Number(opts.nextSlide);
						$(this).animate({opacity: 0},0) 
$(this).animate({opacity: 1},{queue: false, duration: 500, easing: "easeInOutBack"}) 

					after: function onAfter(curr, next, opts) {
                    	 var zeroBasedSlideIndex = Number(opts.nextSlide);
					speedIn: 0,
					speedOut: 1
					} ); 

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